This was written last year, inspired by a moving, though nihilistic, opinion written by a Redditor.


Needles at our feet, but we never really mind
False smiles on our face hides the panic in our eyes
Skies forever shaded, but we’re already blind
The dark is loudest when we find the voice to cry

We line up, one and all, on the beach that is our lives
The sand underfoot: False promises that sing how high we’ll rise
And so we build sand castles, our lovely little lies
Never thinking for a moment about the quickly rising tide

Inside dead fantasies, we Broken live our lives
Deep inside ravines, denial lets us hide
“Forever safe”; we see stars in candle light
Standing under shadow, the waves above: Our sky

© 2018 Andrew Drennen

Photograph was taken myself, with a DSC-H300.


I’m considering the possibility of introducing “Sandcastles” to music one day. This was originally inspired by a Redditor with a lovely sense of philosophy. His writing, below, was the inspiration:


“More and more I feel like depression is just the chronic and persistent lack of the mild form of delusion it takes to get a regular person through the day.

Life is a beach and everyone is building sand castles, oblivious to the coming tide.

Every day is a day closer, and everyday we tell ourselves ‘not today’

Except one day it does come.

And the tide doesn’t just take your sandcastle, it grabs you in its wake as well, takes you down into an infinite nothingness so vast and so absolute that in comparison, the flash of light that was your life was so brief that it could barely be said to have existed at all.

But no, we’re very important. After all we have important jobs and lots of money! Beautiful homes, families and things. We’re successful, talented, in shape and attractive!

Sandcastles. Lovely, distracting, sandcastles.

The saddest part is that I believe immortality is humanities final destination. By the toll of a trillion lives, staggering through eons of war, and suffering, humanity might earn it’s place on the cosmic scale.

The reason this idea is sad, for me, is a selfish one- I was born too early. I will not see eternity. My life will be one of many laid upon the sacrificial altar of man’s progress.

TLDR; Life’s a beach and then you die.”