“Requiem Symphony”

Something a little different, if I may. I hope you like it.

“Requiem Symphony”

In photos old, you held me close
And led me much further than most
Vibrant stories by night were told
Through your sepia undertones
Of elegance honored by prose
I sought to learn your one unknown

Your letters that held time in pause:
Promises of a dying clock
I decry memories
   of open fields starry
     and sweeter fragrancies
To recesses I’ll not recall

You stole my blood with loving pose
Yet sung elegies for the cold
With interred hopes we left unsown
I’m a canvas of broken notes
In dreams that color pain I hold
I paint your taste with words alone

Somber storms hold beneath the calm
Muted ink hides between lines lost
Solemn soliloquies
   will shade my symphonies
     a darker red to see
What runes will dry on velvet soft

© 2018 Andrew Drennen

Photograph by Sabrina Purtee.

My Thoughts

This was something of a thought experiment, both in subject and style. The style being a contrasting shift, in prose and meter, between odd and even stanzas.


The style is a simple implication of love lost, with a gradual shift in the narrator’s mental well-being as a result. Where shadow and macabre are part and parcel for the vast majority of my work, “Requiem Symphony” trades in my black for a red.


*The* red. That deep crimson that makes us all do foolish things. ♥