Personal tragedies in recent years have made October a bittersweet month for me. It’s getting easier, as so many things do in time. In celebration of this year’s All Hallows’ Eve, I present this humble offering.


Over and again, you let my heart beat
Every pulse makes it harder to breathe
Red from your tears do stain your sleeves
Yet songs of the nightingale will never keep

Those iris pools of ink collide with stars bursting inside
Where there’s a path into the night for us to hide the light
Regardless of the pain we’ll find, I will always return to you

Promising we can rebuild truth we forge from stones anew
Yet memories say we’ll burn through our dreams; we always do
Despite the past mistakes imbued, I will always return in kind

Songs of the nightingale mourn all we see
For fleeting hopes fade with your melody
The lotus you wear reaches for me
But songs of the nightingale will never keep

© 2018 Andrew Drennen

Photograph by Sabrina Purtee. Color adjustments made in post with permission.