“In The Night”

Stream-of-conscious writing brought about this one. I’m considering revising this and adding to it at a later time.

“In The Night”

The kindest light comes from despair
In the night, it brought disrepair
And in the rubble of what never was
With a bleak memory of this undone
In finding this, does no one care?

The moon will bark at me once more
What could cause us such horror
There’s an irony in your apathy
A stricken sickness in society
Your poison blinds you to the storm

© 2018 Andrew Drennen

Photograph by Morticia

My Thoughts

I was mostly done with the first stanza when I was still trying to find a meaning to the words. As I wrote the second, the meaning began to reveal itself to me.


This speaks for the ones dealing with mental illness. It touches on the negative stigma that still surrounds words like “depression” and “anxiety”. While I feel we as a society are beginning to turn this around, we still have a long way to go. We need compassion in our people. And we need more research for better medicines and treatments.


“Imagine arriving in the emergency room with severe pain from a kidney stone — pain so bad that you can’t think. You’ll do anything to make it go away. And the doctors say, ‘here’s a drug that we’ve been using for 30 years, it works 50-60% of the time, and it should start to work in 4-6 weeks’.” – Cristina Cusin