“Forest of Our Tears”

This is a piece inspired by a popular forest. I wrote this one back in 2009. Nice to finally share it with the world.

“Forest of Our Tears”

Sunlight fills the sky but its light seems so far away
My soul reflected in the chill on this sunny Autumn day
Often tired and always sad, so unaware and rarely seeing
Mostly living though heart feels dead, alive but hardly being
I know where shadows dwell, where shaded land knows not my past
I say goodbye to all I’ve known, time to end this tale at last
As sounds grow faint and colors swirl, as my final breath nears
I forever go, I fade away, into the forest of our tears

Night falls over the trees and the moon begins to rise
Times cried are in another life, lost secrets and lost lies
Ever numb and never smiling, hardly breathing, barely sighing
Ever sad for never known, hardly loving, always dying
Barely have I tread on this plane, on this mortal coil
Filled with what I cannot place, wish to leave this mortal soil
So at last I will go, maybe happy after all these years
I forever go, I fade away, into the forest of our tears

West of the city, just out of sight, we take our final walk
The final veil we raise tonight, with silver voices we will talk
Always wondering, always pondering, always with this thought
Never answered though ever pleading, cries begging to be caught
Barely have we known thee, wretched land of sand and leaves
Barely have we lived here, but ever have we dared to dream
Walking in alone, my own turn to face my final fears
I forever go, I fade away, into the forest of our tears

© 2018 Andrew Drennen

Photograph by Morticia


The day I learned about Japan’s “Sea of Trees”, more infamously the “Suicide Forest”, I was immediately inspired to write. I opted to write something from the perspective of three souls who sought to join the other attendants of these trees.