In celebration of 2018’s winter solstice and Christmas, I sought to offer something analogous to the season. May all who reads this find themselves, and their loved ones, in good health and peace.


In the pristine silence of December, my glistening diamonds will remember
Softly falling carols caught in the icy chorus; spells calling out to the cold
With whispering cries that freeze in embers, only in dream’s vibrant, holding splendor
Could we find serenity; elsewise, silver bells would soon sing for every shadow

In the biting wind of my December, I’m trying to find truths none remember
Searching under static, softer crystals will keep still this night’s every spoken chord
Wintry writing, my starlight, keeps with her, yet still I’m building faith; ita semper
Harken soon, and hold close the dawn’s golden hymns, for soon blooms hopeful days to adore

© 2018 Andrew Drennen

Photo taken with a Sony DSC-H300, with minor adjustments in post.


I’ve always loved the majestic beauty possible only during the Christmas season. So I wanted to write something to honor it as best I can.

I try to be cognizant of a scenery I paint with my words. For this, I wanted something that invokes the silent serenity to be found on a winter’s night.

And “ita semper” is Latin, loosely translated to mean, “ever so”.