“Cut the Rope”

I just wrote this today, looking for catharsis. Largely stream of conscious with only a few adjustments.

“Cut the Rope”

I would swear I tried, if promises mattered
But this continues to feel strange
You can’t save what is already gone
You won’t hear about things that are wrong
You’ll only see the mask I put on
For liars wear the best facades

I gave up walking, why pretend there’s a path
The sun goes down as I grow cold
Summer’s behind, I’m approaching fall
I’ll leave a shadow standing tall
To fade with me when the day grows long
And tonight, there’s no one to call

I can’t say you’re blind because you couldn’t see
You only took what I gave you
I’ll pen one more letter, listing flaws
And leave you to laugh or question God
But no forest walks or cutting knots
Will be enough to save the lost

© 2018 Andrew Drennen

Photograph by Morticia